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Jill EllingtonJill Ellington has several years experience as a photographer in the entertainment and singles industry so she knows how to market models and actors to get jobs as well as singles to get dates. She began doing photography in 1994, taking photos of her clients for her former singles business Friendship Exchange. It wasn't long before she expanded her photography business into the entertainment industry and began shooting models. As a model, most of the time, your photo is your only link to getting called in for a role or job. As a single person, a good photo can greatly improve your chances of meeting the right person through conventional or on-line dating. Your photo can make all the difference whether you get the job or the date.

In addition to shooting photos for models, actors and singles, Jill does engagement photos, senior portraits and children/family portraits too. She also shot the cover for the Singles Scene Magazine.

Jill prefers to shoot outdoors in soft, natural light during morning or late afternoon to early evening which is generally when the lighting is the best for photos. She shoots only one or two clients per day and always seems to find unique locations and ideas for each individual she is shooting.

Being married to a professional model/actor, Jill also realizes that most of us aren't landing leading roles in multi-million dollar films. And, being in the singles industry, she understands what an expense dating can be. As you can see by her reasonable rates, she knows that the last thing an actor, model or single person needs is to exhaust their finances by paying some overpriced, over-hyped photographer. Shooting with Jill, you'll get quality shots and you will leave that same day with your CD of images in your hand or have them directly sent to you via email. Unlike most photographers, who will make you wait a week or two to get your photographs. Jill knows exactly how to capture in each person the type of photos that will "sell" him/her most effectively to his/her desired target prospect. She gives advice on what to wear, what not to wear, appropriate poses, angles, smiling and more. And she doesn't stop until she gets the best possible photos that will sell her clients best.

Each shoot consists of four or more different looks with multiple backgrounds and up to four changes of clothes.

Jill Ellington works by appointment only, please Contact Her to arrange your shoot.